What happens on Argentina's World Cotton Day?

i) October 5th: Association for Cotton Production (APPA) and the 20 years Anniversary of the Association in Santa Fe, Argentina.
• Meeting with the Board of Directors of the Association for Cotton Production

ii) October 6th: Seminar on Technological and Organizational Innovations
• Technological and organizational innovations in the public-private framework with these presentations:

I) Agronomy and production. Martin Winkler (INTA CONICET)

II) Biotechnology and Breeding. Pablo Dileo (INTA)

III) Environmental Sustainability. Daniela Vitti (INTA)

IV) Social Sustainability. Doriana Feuillade (INTA)

V) Cotton Cluster Organization. Gonzalo Scarpin (INTA)

VI) Sanitary entities and zonal commissions to combat the cotton boll weevil in Santa Fe. Cristian Zorzón (APPA); Analia Fernandez (SENASA)

VII) Fiber technology. Ramiro Casoliva (INTI)

VII) FAO Latin America Project. Adriana Gregolin (FAO)

Moderator: Marcelo Paytas (INTA)

The event will broadcast by YouTube channel: “INTA Reconquista” (From 09:00 to 11:00 AM Argentinean time)

iii) October 7th: World COTTON Day
• International Technical and Political Seminar with these presentations:

I) 100% Santa Fe Cotton: Opportunity to Grow and Develop. Oscar H. Martinez (Santa Fe Gov.)

II) HVI Laboratories-BREMEN Certification. Robert Jiang (ICA)

III) World cotton market. Lorena Ruiz (ICAC)

IV) The Cotton Trade. Dr. Georges Toby (CICCA)

The event will broadcast by YouTube channel: “Ministerio de producción, ciencia y tecnología” (From 09:00 to 11:00 AM Argentinean time).

Video - Argentina Cotton Day Invitation

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